Briggs Engineers Ltd designs, manufactures and assembles precision components and performance critical parts for diverse industries including industrial tools, automotive, marine, railway, aerospace and dental.


Our factory in Redditch is staffed with a small team of skilled and experienced engineers, enabling us to work with new product developments, design and modify existing parts, manufacture complex and high precision components, build and assemble a range of bespoke products.  


Briggs Engineers is able to deliver sub-contract machining facilities for low to high volume CNC machining through our continuous investment in the latest CNC turning, milling and grinding machines including four plus one axis machining centre with 5-axis machining capability. We use CAD and CAM packages for designing and CNC machine programming and this technique allows us to speed up the manufacturing process with accuracy. We manufacture consistently to the highest quality standards and to the engineering standard specifications of our customers.

Our services

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We design a range of bespoke products for diverse industries including pneumatic tools and motors for a wide range of industrial applications. Our engineers also provide design guidance and support to customers developing new ranges of industrial products and/or looking for design modifications to existing products.

Our design team analyses the customer requirement through detailed case study and research. From the analysis stage the concept & ideas behind the customer requirement are evaluated and we start to develop detailed sketches and CAD modelling, this further creates a platform to explore the possibility for design changes and decide on manufacturing techniques. At Briggs Engineers, we have Solidworks CAD package for designing, drafting engineering drawings for manufacture, producing BOM for assembling parts and other CEA analysis.

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Air motor for Pneumatic torque tools

Design  |   Manufacture   |   Supply



Handheld Grinding tools

Design  |   Manufacture   |   Supply


Rolls Royce Nuclear Sector

Pneumatic motor for robotic sampling tool

Design  |   Manufacture   |   Supply


Berg Design Ltd

Power tool for cleaning barnacles

Air motor supply   |   Design support   |   prototype



High-performance Carburetors 

Design support   |   Manufacture   |   Supply


Market Sectors 

Industrial tooling Industry

Aerospace Industry

Mining/Drilling Industry

Automotive Industry

Railway Industry

Drain cleaning/ Re lining

Marine Industry


We manufacture consistently to the highest quality standards and to the engineering specification of our customers. To ensure that uniformity is engineered into the product, all Briggs air motor components and other products are manufactured wherever practical on the latest technology CNC machines. 


Our factory in Redditch is well equipped with a fourth plus one axis machine with 5-axis machining capability,multi-axis turning centres, vertical milling CNC machine, turning CNC machine, manual & CNC grinding machines and manual lathes. Our production team members are well qualified & experienced; we also use Feature CAM software package for generating CNC machining programmes and this technique allows us to manipulate the CNC machining process. 


Installation & Maintenance

All our standard Briggs products & other customers products are assembled in the factory, with well experience & qualified operatives. The products are tested for the best results before being dispatched from the factory & we offer a full repair service on all our products and also on air motors of other manufactures where spares and information allow.


We believe that our company has a wide range of experience on air motors, and in this respect are anxious to satisfy our customers requirements with as broad a range of products as possible. Briggs can be relied upon to deliver against planned schedules and we will be pleased to receive your enquiries for any engineering applications you may have and will give our close and prompt attention.




Number of Machines: 2


High-productivity Turning Center


Twin Opposed Spindles & Two Upper/lower Turrets. Multi-processing and mass-production via upper/lower turrets, Y-axis and left/right spindles. X1, X2, Y-axis high-rigidity roller-type LM guideway


Max Turning Diameter: 230 mm

Max Turning Length: 200 mm

Standard Chunk size: 8 inch

Bar Working Diameter: 65 mm




Number of Machines: 1


High-productivity Turning Center


The turning centers is designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High speed turret indexing and fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time.


Max Turning Diameter: 330 mm

Max Turning Length: 510 mm

Standard Chunk size: 8 inch

Bar Working Diameter: 65 mm




Number of Machines: 1


High-speed Parts Machining Center (4-5th Axis)


High-rigidity C-shape, High-speed spindle directly coupled with the belt and motor. Roller LM guides for all axes.


Travel (X/Y/Z): 1270/670/625 (mm)

Tooling Taper: 40 

Table Size: 1300  X 670 (mm)




Number of Machines: 1


Vertical Machining Center


Table Size: 700 X 520 mm

Travels: 510 mm (X, Y & Z)

Maximum Distance Spindle to Table: 635 mm

Maximum Tool Length: 305 mm




Number of Machines: 1


Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine


Maximum stroke length: 750 mm

Maximum grinding length: 650 mm

Table swivel: 8 deg inc ccw & 16 deg inc cw

Maximum diameter ground: 300 mm

Swivel angle : 105 deg (90 deg to -15 deg)




Number of Machines: 1


Coordinate Measuring Machine


Range (X,Y,Z): 400X400X300 mm

Resolution: 0.5µm

Accuracy: +/-(3.0+0.4L/100)µm



We design, manufacture and build vane type rotary air motors for a wide range of industrial sectors. Briggs has been in the pneumatic industry for more than 80 years and have experience in airmotor design, manufacture and supply. Our Airmotor designs are compact, light weight and custom built as per customer requirement. Depending on the market sector and product application we have designed airmotors of different size, speed and power output using epicyclic gearing.

Air Motors

Minimum Power: 0.1 hp   |   Maximum Power: 1 hp


Minimum Speed: 5 rpm   |   Maximum Speed:  60,000 rpm

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